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Are your searches confidential? Yes!  All searches are always confidential, unless you provide us with other instructions.  Please read our privacy statement and candidate bill of rights.

What happens if an employee does not work out? At ISS, we pride ourselves in placing excellent matches.  However if things go wrong, we have developed one of the industries' stronger guarantees.  Please read our guarantees here.

How long do people hold temporary jobs? The average length is 3 to 4 months, however the range is 2 days to over a year.

What does the bill rate cover? The ISS bill rate covers the following: The employee pay, social security taxes, medicare taxes, state and federal unemployment taxes, workers' compensation insurance, liability insurances, unemployment claims, employee benefits including major medical, dental, vision, std, ltd, life, and cancer insurances. It also includes work reference checks, screening costs, and our computerized systems, data backups,and emergency data systems.

How large is the staffing industry? In 2007 the staffing industry was estimated at $91 billion with temporary being 73.5 billion and permanent placements at $17.5 billion.  This represents nearly three millon people every day.

What functional areas do you recruit in? Our major areas are IT, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, HR positions, Healthcare RNs, OTs, and PTs.

I have other questions, how do I contact you? We welcome the opportunity to answer your question.  Please either call us at (240) 334-4333, send us a message or IM us. Thanks.