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Why ISS?

Human capital needs can fluctuate for many reasons: growth, seasonal demands, special projects, leaves of absence, etc.  Meeting these needs places a tremendous strain and pressure on you.  We can help.  At ISS recruiting and screening are our business.  We have over 70 years of experience in recruiting.  Time and money wasted in poor hiring decisions make you less competitive.  We do our job so you can do yours.

It’s all about the fit

Every client is unique and every candidate is an individual.  At ISS, we require personal interviews to get to know our candidates.  We know that the perfect fit depends on more than just the big picture.  The details make the difference.

You need the best

Competition for superior candidates is always intense.  Top performers are rare.  We make sure that your company gets them.  Our intensive screening program includes drug testing, criminal background checks, references, education verification, in person interviews and evaluations, and needs and desires analysis.


Our array of hiring resources includes: internet advertising, databases,and web research, networking, social web networking, job fairs and niche marketing.  We are proud to say that our dedication to, and success in, meeting the needs of our candidates make referrals our strongest resource.