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ISS 8 Step Recruitment Process

Step 1.  Kick off meeting. 
We define our objective,  discuss what has worked or not worked for this client,  define the perfect candidate, finally  review the ISS 8 Step Recruitment Process.

Step 2.  Develop a marketing profile of our Client
Working with out clients we consider: Why this position is open?  What are the client’s strengths and values? Why would a candidate want to work in this department.  What defines this clients environment?

Step 3.  Identify and Assess Candidates
ISS will identify potential candidates from proprietary databases, internet web research, and referral sources.  We first telephone screen the candidates, then perform an in person interview and perform reference and background checks. 

Step 4.  Telephone Selection Meeting
ISS and Hiring Manager have a telephone meeting to discuss candidates.  This is a key step. Experience shows that clients who avoid this step, end up with extended searches and increased frustration.  It is essential ISS provides an honest, balanced assessment of the candidate to the Hiring Manager.  The goal is always to find the best fit.  ISS will never push resumes.

Step 5.  Interviews
Client works with ISS to determine which candidates to interview.  ISS will then setup the interview schedule between the client and candidate. 

Step 6.  Feedback
ISS’s job is to assist a perfect match/fit.  This requires honest, complete, responsive communication.  All three parties must agree to the importance of this step.  Without it, ISS cannot do its job and the client will not get the ideal new hire.  Both client and candidates agree to provide feedback on a same day basis. Based on the feedback we either redefine the search criteria and repeat steps 2,3 and 4 or proceed to Step 6.

Step 7.  Select Match
60% of all corporate job offers are rejected.  ISS changes your odds. We will negotiate your deals for you.  No offer will be made, without knowing that the candidate will accept the position(key point).

Step 8.  Follow Up
Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition, ensure client satisfaction, and smooth out small issues before they become mountains.

at our dedication to, and success in, meeting the needs of our candidates make referrals our strongest resource.