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Technology: clients: candidate bill of rights

  1. Confidentiality
    1. Personal and Professional Information:  Candidate personal and professional information is held and reviewed by ISS in strict confidence.  No information will be shared or submitted with an employer unless the candidate has expressed specific interest in pursuing the position.
    2. References:  ISS will not contact any references without candidates approval.
    3. Employer Use of Candidate Information:  ISS will communicate to employers the importance of keeping your information confidential.
  2. Accurate and Honest
    1. ISS Objective:  ISS's objective is to achieve the perfect fit leading to a successful employee.  To achieve this, both the candidate and the employer need an accurate and honest picture of each other. 
    2. The Basics:  ISS will provide the position requirements, responsibilites, and expectations.
    3. Compensation:  ISS will provide the wages and benefits information.
    4. Environment:  ISS will supply information on the work place environment.  This includes the Hiring Manager, department, and company style and work environment.  Fit is key to success.
  3. Comunication
    1. Respect: ISS will demonstrate respect for your time, your current position, and your current employer.  Timing must be right for all parties.
    2. Feedback:  ISS will provide prompt feedback for all resumes presented to hiring managers and interviews taken.
    3. Assessment: ISS will provide an honest and straight forward assessment of your potential opportunities.
  4. Professionalism
    1. You have the right to expect professionalism: At ISS, we listen, evaluate, and determine if we are able to help you.  If we believe we can assist you, we will provide coaching and act as your agent to hiring managers.
    2. No Pressure:  This is your life, your decision. ISS will never pressure you into a decision