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I want a permanent job. Why should I consider a contract position? There are five main reasons to consider a temporary position. First, it is always easier to get a permanent job when you are working. Second, you could learn new skills, software that could be transferable. Third, 35% of our temporary placements become permanent offers. Fourth, provides you the opportunity to develop your professional contact network.  Fifth, the extra cash never hurts.

Do I ever have to pay a fee to ISS? No. Never.  All fees are paid by the employers.

What types of Positions do you represent? Permanent, Temp-to-Perm, Temporary, and Contract.

What level of positions do you recruit for? We recruit for positions from Administrative Assistants to C-level executives.

If I submit my information will you keep it confidential? Absolutly.  We do not share your information unless you give us the ok.  Please read our Candidate Bill of Rights.

If I submit my information am I under any obligation to ISS? None.  There is no obligation on your part.  If you are interested in a position that we feel is a fit for you, and you ask us to submit your information, then you are obligated to participate in a muturally convient interview.

Do you offer benefits to you temporary staff? Yes.  All employees who work full-time for one full calender month can qualify for benefits. ISS offers the finest benefit package available. Please speak to your recruiter.

I just lost my job, should I post my resume on job boards? You need to develop a job search plan of action.  This should include job boards, recruiters, networking, and research and letter campaigns.

Should I pay a professional to help me write my resume? The resume is your key marketing tool.  You only have 10 seconds to catch a hiring managers attention.  It needs to be clean, accurate, consise, and spell out your achievements. Have a few friends read it.  Show it to your ISS recruiter.  Compare it to samples you will find on the internet.  Ask your recruiter for the ISS resume guide.

If I take a contract job, who is my employer? ISS is your employer.  ISS cuts your checks. 

What do I need to submit when I apply? 1. Completed Profile Form 2. six work references with phone numbers and emails, 3. one personal reference.  4. two forms of ID.

Will I be allowed to work overtime? Most positions require 40 hours per week.  Overtime must be authorized by the person you report to.  All hours over 40 in a given week are paid at time and one half.

Can I use ISS as a reference? Yes, we would be happy to help you.

What types of jobs are available? IT, Engineering, HR and Healthcare.

Need more information? Call our office at: 240-334-4333, or text us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or send us a message.  We look forward to assisting you.