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ISS provides flexable, scaleable, and cost effective recruitment and payrolling services.  We will customize a solution to meet your needs.

Permanent Placement – Contingent
This provides you with total flexability.  It is for positions that can remain open for extended time, that are not critical to the operation.  With this program ISS absorbs the risk and upfront costs.  ISS is compensated only when our candidate is accepted for employment.

Permanent Placement – Retained
This service is for positions critical to your organization.  In this situation you make a commitment to ISS.  In return for that commitment you receive both a reduced fee and a faster placement.  In this situation, ISS will devote more resources to yours search.  This approach provides the best value. With this program a small upfront fee is required, with the remainder paid after successful placement is made.

This is perfect when you want to test out a candidate prior to hiring them or you want to reduce the placement fee percentage.  This is best used for mid to low level positions.  Be aware, the major drawback is many currently employed candidates who might be ideal for your position will not consider a temp-to-perm position due to its perceived increase in risk.

Contract Positions
85% of all business use Temporary Employees. They represent an over 70 billion dollar industry.  Temporary workers help you meet seasonal demands, short term absences, help you meet corporate needs while searching for a permanent replacement.  Over 50% of our temps end up being hired to become permanent placements.   Temps reduce manger stress, decrease turnover, save the company money, and allows the needed department to complete it critical tasks.